Annual Sales Enablement Benchmark Report (2021)

Sales enablement Visionaries see better business outcomes

Some businesses reap greater rewards from their sales enablement efforts, with tangible and significant business outcomes. We wanted to know what they do differently and how they do it. So, Seismic conducted a global survey of more than 1,000 B2B business leaders with ownership of or strong influence over sales enablement related decisions.

The results in Seismic’s Annual Sales Enablement Benchmark Report: Decoding the Best Practices of Visionaries reveal that the visionary leaders consider sales enablement a strategic business enabler and implement, invest in, and manage it with that mentality. Read this global study to see how leaders differed from laggards in their approach to sales enablement, including:

  • How they position sales enablement in their tech stack
  • What customer-facing teams and what parts of the customer lifecycle are supported by sales enablement
  • How leaders expect sales enablement technology to evolve
  • How leaders differ from others in their use of sales enablement data

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