Seismic Enablement Expedition: Never stop growing

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About this series

This year's Seismic Enablement Expedition: a six-month webinar series led by Seismic's expert Enablement guides has concluded, but stay tuned for new webinars scheduled in the new year!

In these webinars, our sole goal is to give you the direction you need to take your customer-facing teams on a journey to success. Each month, we boldly go where few Enablement pros have gone before, covering a revenue-related topic and providing you with templates and handouts. Our mission? To equip you with the insight, resources, and direction you need to move the revenue needle within your organization.

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What you can expect


An hour-long, interactive webinar where we’ll dive into different Enablement challenges.


A set of handouts, cheat-sheets, and templates to help you get tactical and practical with your strategy.


A blog post that fully outlines how to use our provided handouts.

On-demand webinars

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The Silver Bullet for Enablement ROI: The undebatable method of measuring Enablement impact

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Tracking Enablement data is a tale as old as time — but few, if any, practitioners have truly cracked the code on how their efforts have impacted the business. Practitioners typically follow a few standard data points to show their business impact: ramp time, average annual revenue, and win rate to name a few. But how many of those metrics are wildly out of the practitioner’s control?

This session details a revolutionary, tested, and proven approach to demonstrating Enablement's impact on business growth and securing the full executive buy-in you need to accomplish your Enablement goals.

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Building a Flawless Enablement Tech Stack: How to arm your go-to-market teams with tools for success

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In today’s world, there’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from if you’re building an efficient, lean tech stack for your GTM teams. No matter what new tools you choose, it’s imperative to define your Enablement strategy before it goes live. Otherwise, your strategy could be disruptive and costly to the business.

Watch this handy webinar to learn a step-by-step approach to build your own Enablement program. We show you how to launch a new tool to your customer-facing teams, define what success looks like, and roll out best practices so your teams succeed.

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The Enablement Fire Prevention Unit: An innovative method to handle ad-hoc business needs

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Enablement teams often get pulled into vicious cycles of urgent “fires” that keep them from doing foundational, strategic work. Inevitably, this leads to more “fires” that could have been prevented.

In this session, come learn how Seismic’s Enablement team is tackling this challenge with an easy-to-implement Enablement intake process and a structured partnership with GTM teams. If you’re an Enablement practitioner struggling to go slow so you can go fast later, this webinar is for you!