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Humanizing Social Media in Financial Services

Thursday, August 5th


Raymond James empowers their advisors to build their own client-centric brand and to “put themselves in front of the corporate logo”. This helps them attract and retain highly successful advisors and the book of business each manages.

Social media is an increasingly important part of this, and firm leadership understands that it takes a sophisticated program and an industry-leading platform to enable thousands of advisors to authentically engage while remaining compliant.

During this session, we’ll explore the mindsets, skill sets, and toolsets Raymond James employs and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Key takeaways: 

  1. Most field-force social programs struggle with adoption and engagement because they aren’t authentic and they aren’t audience-centric. It’s extremely difficult and expensive to scale oversight and content curation teams so most firms settle for basic programs with a limited pool of content that does little to inspire advisors or clients.
  2. Legacy platforms and programs delivered the compliance capabilities firms needed to get started on social, but they’re having a very hard time keeping up with rapidly changing client and advisor expectations.
  3. Discover how financial organizations, including four of North America's top five wealth firms, leverage LiveSocial's AI-powered content engine, mobile-first user experience, and integrations with leading compliance platforms to create competitive advantage in a digital-first world.


Part One: Chelsea and Steve dig into the Raymond James social story.

Part Two: Interactive breakouts with your peers and experts from the Seismic LiveSocial team.

*Attendees will choose their own breakout room*

Room 1 | Let’s talk people

Boosting adoption and engagement, training best practices, overcoming all the things that hold our field force back. 

Room 2 | Let’s talk compliance

Compliance is critically important. Some firms have built large oversight teams. Others attempt to restrict their people from engaging in various ways. Let’s explore better solutions.

Room 3 | Let’s talk measurement

What should we measure? How should we measure it? How do we communicate it? 

Room 4 | Show me how Seismic LiveSocial works

A look at how LiveSocial leapfrogs legacy platforms with a unique stream of content for each of your people, better compliance integrations, better user experience, and more.

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Workshop Presenters

Chelsea Cellamare,
RJ Social program leader at Raymond James

Steve Watt,
Marketing Director at Seismic