Social Selling Secrets: How to Build Buyer Trust at Scale on LinkedIn

Thursday, July 7 | 15:00 BST | 16:00 CEST

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The Lowdown

Thanks for your interest in Social Selling Secrets: How to Build Buyer Trust at Scale on LinkedIn.

This workshop was inspired by two things we’ve learned are true:

  1. LinkedIn is changing quickly, and old mindsets and approaches no longer work.
  2. Very few sellers show up in truly buyer-centric ways. But when they do, it changes everything.

When sales professionals — or even better, entire sales teams — show up, speak up, and engage authentically on social media, buyers notice and relationships form. And when it’s time to talk business, buyers know exactly who they’re dealing with and how they can help.

What you'll learn

How your team can become the rare sellers that buyers actually want to speak with

How to avoid four common mistakes sales reps and managers alike make on LinkedIn

How to become a magnet for business-building conversations and opportunities

About this Interactive Workshop

This 60 minute workshop will focus specifically on building buyer trust at scale. Seismic’s very own Steve Watt, our Director of Market Insights and an early employee at LinkedIn back in the day, will be leading this session. (Long story short, he knows a thing or two about using social media to bolster sales.) He’ll lead a presentation filled with insights and stories of social selling success and top it off with a Q&A session.

One thing to note: This is the first-ever Social Selling Secrets workshop, but we’re planning to host these once a month from here on out. After all, social selling is only playing a bigger and bigger role in speeding up deal cycles, improving win rates, increasing deal sizes, and earning referrals.

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Steve Watt,
Director of Market Insights


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Who should attend?

Anyone who sees an opportunity to build or improve their company’s performance on social media. Perhaps you have an existing program and you struggle with adoption, engagement, compliance or measurement. Perhaps you see the potential impact of your people building relationships and business on social and you don’t know where to start.

Join us for a session packed with education and inspiration!