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The Power of Personalization and Advice in B2B Banking

Use Personalization and True Business Advice to Create an Unmatched Client Experience

Business and Commercial Banks are not living up to today’s expectations for small & medium-sized business owners.

How can bankers use personalized and advisory client engagement to catch up?

The same consumers that benefit from Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb are looking to their Business and Commercial Banks to create an engaging and personalized client experience.

Watch our webinar with Jim Marous from Financial Brand and Bobby Martin from Vertical IQ to learn more about how business and commercial banks are using personalization and true business advice to create an unmatched client experience that rivals their customers’ experiences in their consumer lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Insight into how banks are evolving to keep up with consumer experiences
  • Details on how business and commercial banks are working to keep up
  • A playbook on how to enable your bankers to use industry intelligence to provide personalized experiences to clients

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Webinar Presenters

Jim Marous,
Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand

Bobby Martin,
Vertical IQ Co-founder

Shaalin Parekh,
Senior Market Development Manager