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The Rise of Sales Engagement

The Rise of Sales Engagement

As the B2B buying process becomes more complex, the need to align sales and marketing teams has never been stronger to ensure a more co-ordinated customer experience is delivered.

To support this trend a plethora of Sales Engagement Management technologies have entered the market to help organisations deliver on this by optimising their content strategy, increasing sales productivity and expediting the sales cycle.

Those brands that are effectively harnessing Sales Engagement Management options are reaping the benefits by providing optimised content that creates engagement across the buying journey.

Join our guest, Peter O’Neill, Lead Analyst at Research in Action, who presents new data on Sales Engagement Management SaaS and Software: The Top 20 Global Vendors 2019.

You will learn:

  • Current industry trends driving sales and marketing alignment
  • The main objectives for those organisations investing in Sales Engagement Management software
  • What to consider when evaluating a software provider

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