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Sales Enablement in the Experience Economy: Strategic Considerations for B2B Enterprises

Is Your Sales Enablement Engine Geared Up for the Demands of the Experience Economy?

To build a sales engine that is efficient as well as effective in the experience-driven future, sales leaders need a reality check on what their sales enablement platforms should deliver for 2020 and beyond, and get their teams ready to use them for optimal business outcomes.

Register for this 30-minute panel discussion, where senior industry practitioners share insights about:

  • What it means to sell competitively in the 'experience economy' 
  • The role of sales enablement in the new B2B selling ecosystem
  • The questions to help assess the effectiveness of your current sales enablement solution
  • How new technologies are transforming sales enablement outcomes
  • The traits of B2B teams that are winning with sale enablement 

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