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Accelerate Your Firm's Client Engagement Strategy

Make the most of every interaction with an accelerated client engagement strategy

Is your company's ability to execute your client engagement strategy as quick as the markets you work in? Volatility is the harsh reality of advisors' day-to-day, and traditional marketing departments struggle to keep up. If a bear market were to arise, is your firm ready to execute briskly?

Advisors need to provide personalized and timely information to clients, regardless of market conditions. If content is hosted in a static library, the value of that content begins to diminish the second it is stored.

Watch the webinar to learn how accelerating the execution of your client engagement strategy can help your firm:

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Improve advisor and firm reputation
  • Combat competitive threats to existing books of business
  • Personalize compliant content that reflects market conditions
  • Receive deep analytics on client content consumption

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Webinar Presenters

Peter Smerald,
Senior Director, Value Consulting

Peter leads Seismic’s Value Consulting Team whose mission is to reveal how Seismic creates value for its customers using quantitative and qualitative measurements. Prior to this role, Peter spent 3 years at Box as the Director of Value Engineering and 12 years at EMC Documentum as a solutions architect, Director of the Strategic Pursuits team, and Director of Product marketing. Peter holds a BS in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.

Shaalin Parekh,
Senior Market Development Manager

Shaalin is a Senior Market Development Manager, responsible for Seismic’s go-to-market strategy in the Wealth Management space. He has spent the last 6 years in various product, sales enablement, and marketing roles in technology, financial services, and consulting. Prior to his role at Seismic, Shaalin spent over 4 years in Capital One’s Commercial Bank, driving Sales Analytics, Sales and Marketing Technology implementations, and an overall marketing transformation. Shaalin holds a BS in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.