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Empowering Bankers to Drive Insightful Conversations with Business Owners featuring Vertical IQ and Fulton Bank

Learn how Fulton Bank simplified their tech stack and enabled their bankers to save time, while creating a better experience for their clients

Whether you are a Financial Center Manager, Business Banker or Commercial Banker, now, more than ever, you need to build trust and deliver value to your clients and prospects. Many bankers deliver insight to clients anecdotally, with information based on their experience. However, there is a better way to have client conversations that are based upon both experience and insightful, value-added presentations.

Fulton Bank set up their bankers with a systematic method to produce insight-driven content to clients and prospects. Join Seismic, Vertical IQ, and Fulton Bank to learn about:

  • The importance of delivering insights in banker-client interactions.
  • How Fulton improved their bankers’ experience and empowered them to improve client/prospect engagement
  • Best-practice examples for how Fulton’s bankers deliver insights to clients

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Webinar Presenters

Bobby Martin,
CEO, Vertical IQ

Bobby Martin is co-founder and CEO of Vertical IQ, a leading provider of industry intelligence insight for banks, CPAs, consultants, and advisors. Bobby spent seven years as a business banker in Wilmington, NC. He is currently an active angel investor and advisor in several innovative start-ups. Through his experience of starting and selling a sales intelligence tool to Fortune 500 firm, Dun & Bradstreet, he’s learned first-hand the challenges and solutions at each stage of entrepreneurial growth which has led to his 2016 book, The Hockey Stick Principles.

Matt Bills,
SVP Sales Enablement and CRM Director

Matt is a solution-oriented leader who has earned a reputation for driving process, data, and results in sales. As Fulton Bank’s Sales Enablement and CRM Director, Matt is the strategic driver behind many of Fulton’s most ambitious sales initiatives. His customer focus, commitment to building high-performing teams and advancement of a collaborative sales environment have helped to shape Fulton’s sales culture, leading to exceptional financial results. In addition to managing a team of effective sales enablement professionals, Matt is also the creative force behind Fulton’s celebrated sales summit, which is an annual event to train, motivate, and inspire the sales team. Prior to leading Sales Enablement and CRM, Matt led Fulton’s Sales Learning and Sales Leadership programs for a number of years. Prior to that he was in sales roles for Wachovia/Wells Fargo Bank and ADP. Matt holds an MBA with a focus in Strategic Leadership, and a BA degree in Communication from Messiah College, PA.

Shaalin Parekh,
Sr Market Development Manager

Shaalin is a Senior Market Development Manager, responsible for Seismic’s go-to-market strategy in Financial Services. He has spent the last 7 years in various product, sales enablement, and marketing roles in technology, financial services, and consulting. Prior to his role at Seismic, Shaalin spent four years in Capital One's Commercial Bank, driving Sales Analytics, Sales and Marketing Technology implementations , and an overall marketing transformation. Shaalin holds a BS in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University.

Angel N. Connolly,
Senior Vice President, Team Leader– Commercial Banking, Fulton Bank

Angel joined Fulton Bank in 2014. Angel brings with her 14 years of banking experience in both retail and commercial banking. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Economics with a minor in Business Management from Bloomsburg University, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. She is currently attending Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business for her MBA. Angel is active in the community, currently serving as a member of the Explorer’s Council for Port Discovery Children’s Museum, she also serves at the Treasurer for St. Francis Neighborhood Center and Baltimore Business. Angel resides in Canton, MD.