The Power of Social Selling:

Enable go-to-market teams to uplift their social media influence as experts in their field

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About this Webinar

Social media rules the majority of prospect interactions these days. While face-to-face meetings are slowly coming back, the social media game has risen to new levels. Building relationships and establishing trust early with prospects, showing up as the expert in one’s field, and building a strong brand with customers are some of the key elements go-to-market audiences need Enabling on. Join this exciting webinar to learn why social has become an increasingly important program driven by our Enablement function and how we’ve helped our customer-facing teams and customers turn their social presence into their “brand & butter”.

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What you'll learn


Understand why social should be a key aspect of any Enablement charter in order to accelerate the sales cycle


Understand why old approaches do not work and discover the simple steps go-to-market teams can take to build a best-in-class brand on social media to positively impact prospect and customer interactions


Identify what success looks like and how to measure it


Sarah Raines

Director, Enablement, Seismic

Sarah Raines is the Director, Skill Enablement at Seismic. Sarah has pioneered a new way for Enablement to address role-based skill development for go-to-market teams at Seismic. She is a member of Wise (Women in Sales Enablement) and is a sought-after Enablement speaker in her field.

Lucy Mycroft

Enablement Manager, Seismic

Lucy Mycroft is an Enablement Manager at Seismic. She spent the last few years specializing in Enablement at a leading technological communications company, driving the digital transformation within Global Enterprise sales teams. Lucy is experienced in orchestrating the crucial alignment between Marketing and Sales to improve the buyer journey.

Amber Mellano

Director, Product Enablement, Seismic

Amber Mellano is the Director, Product Enablement at Seismic. Amber joined Seismic in 2014 and served on the Customer Success and Product teams before joining the Enablement team at Seismic. She leads her team in building and delivering Product Enablement initiatives at Seismic and is widely considered one of the foremost subject matter experts on leveraging the Seismic Enablement Cloud to help support and grow customer-facing teams.