Skill Enablement: How to unite content, training, and coaching to upskill your go-to-market teams

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About this session

Enablement teams have evolved from being the fire-department to owning scalable programs that allow go-to-market teams to rise to their full potential and to be effective in their roles. A critical element to drive accelerated growth for go-to-market roles is the combination of knowledge transfer, skill enhancement, as well as the aspect of coaching to further cement new skills. Learn how you can structure your skill Enablement programs from the ground up and get your hands on some helpful templates that support building your program even faster.

Plus, you'll get three helpful resources to get you started!

What you'll learn


How to create a scalable skill enablement program that provides consistent access to knowledge competencies and content.


Ensure you can uncover coaching opportunities, deliver personalized coaching and gain insights on how role-specific behaviors evolve over time.


Understand the most significant KPIs to measure behavior and business impact.