The Content Bottleneck

Marketers have a huge opportunity at their fingertips – technology has enabled brands to deliver personalized content and experiences directly to their audiences.

But capitalizing on personalization technology requires planning, creating, and orchestrating a vast amount of content tailored to different segments, personas, and journey stages. In short, marketing has a content creation bottleneck that is fundamentally limiting its impact.

Download our handbook to learn:

  • How the content bottleneck became one of the most pressing challenges facing marketers today
  • Organizational and management frameworks to help you alleviate the bottleneck at your company
  • Methods for orchestrating your content strategy to achieve greater impact
  • Information on software solutions – such as Content Marketing Platforms – that can help improve your team’s operational efficiency

Watch Percolate’s CTO and co-founder, Noah Brier at Transition SF walk through the 5 steps to overcome the content bottleneck in order to better deliver on content needs and create additional capacity to drive incremental growth.

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