Increasing Sales Rep Success after Onboarding with Just-in-Time Training

Onboarding new sales reps seems like a pretty standard process. Every rep is given the proper training and assesments, assigned a team and a CRM login, and given access to training documents. Then why is it that SiriusDecisions estimates that 50 percent of first-year sales reps do not achieve quota?

Traditional training alone doesn't always stick with reps much past their first few weeks- this is where just-in-time training comes into play.

As social selling evangelist Jill Rowley says, sales people today are increasingly "opportunity specific, in the moment learners," and sales support materials should follow this mindset to create the most value.

In this guide you will discover:

  • The difference between Traditional Training and Just-In-Time Training
  • The 5 major characteristics of a Just-In-Time Training strategy
  • How Just-In-Time Training can benefit multiple aspects of your team

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