Is Orchestration Affecting my CX?

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Four Steps to Mastering Orchestration and Creating a Great Customer Experience

This guide will teach you about marketing orchestration, demonstrate why it is the key to effective Customer Experience marketing, and show you four simply steps to applying it in your organization.

With 68% of marketing leaders reporting that their company is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience (CX), it's clear that a fundamental shift in thinking about how to approach marketing is underway throughout the industry. Executed effectively, CX holds a lot of potential for marketing organizations to increase their effectiveness, and create a more meaningful experience for their prospects and customers. However, getting your organization on the same page about a new, CX centered approach to marketing can present significant orchestrational challenges.

Orchestration is the key to success in CX marketing: your organization can only succeed if everyone is pulling in the same direction, at the same time. This ebook will help your organization to:

  • Understand the core concept of CX and the role orchestration plays
  • Identify orchestrational barriers to success in the planning, execution, and measurement phases of CX marketing
  • Avoid orchestrational pitfalls by creating a conscientious focus on communication, visibility, and standardization or work for your CX process

Download the ebook today and discover how your organization can reap the benefits of well-orchestrated CX marketing.

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