Building Modern Sales Organizations: Uniting Sales Engagement and Enablement to Win More Deals

By combining the power of a sales enablement platform like Seismic, with a sales engagement platform like Outreach, the modern sales organization has the opportunity to provide the best overall buyer experience, while freeing up reps’ time and optimizing efficiency and effectiveness.

The bottom line: reps are able to spend more time engaging customers, who have better experiences, and as a result, sales organizations enjoy higher close rates.

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"Our sales & sales development team is thrilled about the Seismic and Outreach integration. Having the leading sales enablement and sales engagement providers fused together in a way that fits sellers’ workflows will make Sisense’s sales execution even more streamlined, tailored, and analytical. I expect to see overall improved efficiency in the way we’re able to onboard reps and the way marketing can help create sequences for sellers with the most relevant content." - Matt Hey, Head of Global Field Enablement at Sisense

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