Inspiring Action: Sales Content Reimagined

Download this interactive eBook to see interactive content in action and learn how you can create interactive content for more effective sales and marketing.

The content environment is only getting more crowded. Standing out among all the B2B content is hard—keeping your buyers engaged and using your content to drive them to take action is even harder.

Enter interactive content. Marketers and sellers are finding that interactive content keeps buyers engaged, accelerates them through the customer journey, and flips the conversation — putting the buyer in the driver’s seat.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • The challenges facing sales and marketing when using static content
  • How interactive content addresses those challenges
  • Examples of interactive content used throughout the buyer’s journey
  • Examples of interactive content in sales enablement
  • How Seismic microapps, powered by Tiled, make it easy to create interactive content

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