5 Ways to Build a Business Case for Sales Enablement

80% of marketers report that learning and using new marketing technologies is one of their least favorite parts of their job.

So when it comes time for your organization to evaluate sales enablement solutions, it's imperative to build a strong business case that outlines everything a decision-maker will want to know.

The benefits of aligning your sales and marketing teams with a sales enablement solution are clear, however, in the implementation of a sales enablement platform there will be a shift of resources and roll-out of new procedures.

In this guide, you'll learn the key steps you'll need to build an air-tight business case and get buy-in for sales enablement software:

  • Learn how to survey sellers & marketers in your organization
  • Download a survey template for quantifying needs
  • How to conduct interviews with people that need sales enablement
  • Get ideas for studying the market and choosing a vendor
  • Tips for creating and presenting your business case

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